Kelbrook Primary School, Barnoldswick

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25th June 19
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Kelbrook School is situated in the heart of the village of Kelbrook in East Lancashire, close to the Yorkshire border.  The village is close to Pendle Hill in pleasant open countryside next to the main Colne to Skipton Road.

The School is housed in an attractive, late Victorian building which had its Centenary in 1996.  There are two playgrounds and a large playing field.

The layout of the School is on two levels.  On the ground floor there is an entrance foyer and office, two classrooms, hall, resource room and kitchen.  On the first floor, there are two further classrooms, a computer suite and library.  The staffroom and Headteacher's office are also on the first floor.



Our School ethos is based on respect and appreciation

To create and sustain a happy and safe environment in which all can experience and develop a love of learning

  • To recognise and celebrate the value of each child and to help individual children reach their full potential in all areas of their development by setting high standards and expectations.
  • To strive for excellence in all we do by providing the highest quality teaching and learning, using a rich variety of activities within a broad, balanced, creative curriculum.
  • To develop children's personal responsibility, social skills and cultural awareness within the school community and in the wider context of local, national and world issues.
  • To enhance communications between staff, governors, parents and the local community of Kelbrook and develop further their involvement within our School.


Our value this half term (one of our 6R's) is Relationships - Communication with others, teamwork, respecting the rights of others


Kelbrook 6 R's


We also teach/encourage pupils to develop the Kelbrook 6 R's.  These are:-

  • Relationships - Communication with others, teamwork, respecting the rights of others … 
  • Responsibility - Independence, self control, self motivation
  • Resilience - Determination, perseverance, response to challenge
  • Resourcefulness - Finding and using resources effectively and independently 
  • Reflection - A deep thinking – able to learn from experiences – including learning from mistakes
  • Reasoning - Strategic thinker, able to think ahead, ask why?

Each half term we concentrate on one of the 6R's.  Pupils are rewarded for using the 6R's throughout the year and the development of these are reported on at the end of the year in their report to parents.