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25th June 19
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Mental Calculations Progression


Guidance for Mental Calculation Progression Documents &

Addition and Subtraction Mental Calculations Policy (Multiplication and Division to follow)


The following documents have been created to highlight the progression in mental calculation strategies for each of the four operations.

Each progression document sets out:

Essential understanding of the principles underpinning each operation;

Example models and images to support children's understanding of the operation and the related mental strategies;

Key vocabulary that will be modelled by the teacher and understood and used accurately by the children;

Core mental skills and strategies that all children should learn, including examples and the requisite prior knowledge in order to learn the new strategies;

Enhanced mental skills and strategies that should be reserved for teaching to specific groups of children who understand the special cases that lend themselves to these strategies.


Whilst the progression documents are arranged into year groups, these act as a guide to what are age related expectations within mental calculation. Children develop at different rates and they should only learn new strategies when they are confident and secure with the requisite prior knowledge.

Written Mathematical Calculations Progression


Progression in Written Calculations

The following document outlines the progression in written calculations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at Kelbrook Primary School.

The document includes:

  • Key principles for each operation that children should understand;
  • Effective models and images to enhance the learning of each operation;
  • Development of the key principles of exchange in addition and subtraction.