Kelbrook Primary School, Barnoldswick

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25th June 19
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School Uniform


Our uniform consists of

Dark grey trousers, skirt or pinafore (The skirt should be knee length or just above.  No tube skirts or leggins are allowed).

White polo shirt 

Jade sweatshirt or cardigan (with the school logo). 

Shoes - sensible, black 

Socks - white or grey

Tights - grey

Summer uniforms is a checked jade and white dress or dark grey shorts with either a jade sweatshirt or cardigan.  (The shorts should be just above the knee.  No hot-pants allowed).

No jewellery except for small stud earrings and watches should be worn for school and make-up and nail varnish are not permitted.

Hair should be tied back at all times and clips and headbands should be plain.


PE Kit consists of:

White T-shirt

Shorts navy (not skorts)

Pumps (trainers for outdoors as required)

Outdoors - a tracksuit may be worn over the white t-shirt and navy shorts or a school sweatshirt or cardigan may be worn.

Swimming - (Class 3 Summer Term).  One piece swimsuit or trunks.  Swim shorts are not permitted.  Goggles may be worn if medically necessary or if written permission is received from parents.


School Sweatshirts or Cardigans

Our 'jade coloured' school jumpers/sweatshirts and cardigans with the school logo embroidered on can be ordered via the SchoolMoney payment system in the 'Shop' section or ar school events.

School sweatshirts (with logo) are priced at £9.00 and cardigans (with logo) at £11.50.  Good quality, clean secondhand jumpers and sweatshirts (with the school logo) can be purchased for £1 per item.

We have decided to stock from the Trutex manufacturer due to their hard wearing qualities and colour fastness.  It is recommended that both the sweatshirts and cardigans are washed inside out to prolong their colour and shape.

PE Kit


White T-shirt, navy shorts

Pumps (not trainers indoors)

Outdoor Games - tracksuit, warm jumper/school sweatshirt or cardigan may be worn in cold weather

Swimming (Class 3, Year 3 and Year 4) - one piece swimsuit/trunks (not swim shorts) - goggles may be worn if medically necessary or if written permission is received from parents.